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'I used my overshoes in anger last night and really good. My mate liked them and they stood out in the dark which made me feel really safe too. Cheers.'Will



'The overshoes have been well and truly abused over the last few weeks. The reflectiveness is very good.'
'How do Sir
 My feedback is as follows:
  • as a concept - overshoes made out of this hyper reflective material is an ace idea and something I would definitely go for myself. Without question, I felt safer and much more visible wearing them
  • They are def spring/autumn items as they obviously have no insulation. I am now not looking forward to changing to my black neoprene jobbies once the temp drops due to the reduced visibility, so you may want to think about making a thermal version. As they are though, they keep off wind and light showers very well and are good for current temps.'
‘Hi Chris,
Hope this finds you fit and well
A very big thanks for the over shoes. Met up with Ian yesterday and rode into Manchster with the water proof over shoes on. They are a neat fit and totally waterproof as it rained quite a bit but my feet stayed dry,
Yet to try the neoprene ones yet but they look toasty warm.
Thanks again.
'Wore them 4 days last week. Got them wet. No issues with comfort. They stayed in place ok, didn't get in way.'