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How it works

Our cycling overshoes are the first of our products to be offered for sale. So how do they work and more importantly why do they work?

Iris's Visual Pacing-super hi-reflective overshoes and clothing are designed in response to the understanding of the fundamental workings of the human eye and brain. Its how we work at iris cycling, simply.

Over millions of years the human eye has evolved to detect movement to enable us to hunt and defend ourselves from hunters. At its simplest if it moves the eye sees it.

Scientifically this is known as visual pacing, the eye follows movement and the brain reacts. This is how iris clothing works. We use the most reflective, weather proof material to cover the whole foot and ankle to provide the maximum 'visual pacing' effect. This enables the cycling foot wearing Iris cycling overshoes to tell the maximum story of movement and therefore your presence to a drivers eye. 

Looking through an evolutionary lens the driver of a vehicle is in a completely alien environment, sitting down, insulated from the world, staring at two red lights from the car in front, very few things move quickly enough to stimulate a visual pacing response. Although vehicles move at speed, in relation to each other they move slowly. As the brain and central nervous system demand huge amounts of energy the brain has developed the ability to turn repetitive actions and stimuli into habits, saving valuable energy. Thus driving a vehicle becomes habitualised, becomes habit. The brain essentially turns off. How many times have you arrived at work in your car not to remember any of the journey, the actions of driving and the common scenery passed have become habit. 

Iris cycle clothing interacts with the driver, breaking through drivers habits and distractions, subconsciously attracting the drivers eye it cannot ignore it. You are now highly visible. 

Couple to this the physical impairments of the human eye, its own blind spot, incredibly sensitive rods for low light vision which are essentially turned off by any bright lights leaving anyone not wearing Iris Clothing, essentially, invisible.

Confident, visible, safe.


Be seeing you! Obviously!!